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Getting Started

Before getting started, it is best to understand the core concepts of Relay. It is likely best to read the Relay Getting Started guide to familiarize yourself with Relay.

Svelte Relay consists of two packages:

  • svelte-relay - Provides the runtime functionality for using Relay in Svelte.
  • relay-compiler-language-svelte - Provides support for Svelte files to be supported in the Relay Compiler.

The code that is generated from the Relay Compiler is TypeScript, using the .ts extension. To accomodate this, your project will need be able to handle TypeScript files. The TypeScript documentation contains examples for how to integrate TypeScript into your project.


To install Svelte Relay into an existing project, you must install the base package, along with the package language to add Svelte support to the Relay Compiler:

npm install svelte-relaynpm install relay-compiler relay-compiler-language-svelte --save-dev

Configuring babel#

Relay requires a Babel plugin to convert the GraphQL queries to runtime artifacts.

npm install babel-plugin-relay graphql --save-dev

Once the package is installed, you will need to configure Babel to use this plugin.

{    "plugins": ["relay"]}

Please note that the "relay" plugin should run before other plugins or presets to ensure the graphql template literals are correctly transformed. See Babel's documentation on this topic.

Alternatively, instead of using babel-plugin-relay, you can use Relay with babel-plugin-macros. After installing babel-plugin-macros and adding it to your Babel config, you can use the macro in your project:

const graphql = require('babel-plugin-relay/macro');
const AppQuery = graphql`    query AppQuery {        # ...    }`;

Configuring the Relay Compiler#

While you can configure Relay with CLI arguments, we recommend using the relay-config package to configure the Relay Compiler.

npm install relay-config --save-dev

With this package installed, can then create a relay.config.js file, where you can provide configuration to the relay comiler.

module.exports = {    src: './src',    schema: './server/schema.graphql',    language: 'svelte',};

Relay Compiler Documentation: